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Effective Communication for Families in Recovery

As families navigate addiction recovery, one of the most critical tools they need to possess is effective communication.

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Nurturing Young Minds: Strategies to Support Student Mental Health

Here’s what you need to know about the current challenges affecting student mental health and effective strategies to promote the well-being of students at this critical life stage.

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The Role of Community in Addiction Recovery: Celebrating National Recovery Month

As we observe National Recovery Month, we invite you to reflect on the power of community in addiction recovery.

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NEMG is top notch - I would recommend this program to anyone struggling with their mental health; I was especially happy with their understanding of PTSD/cPTSD. The counselors and facilitators regularly check-in with the participants and seemed to customize the topics they presented in group that were relevant to the group members (often asking what group members were interested in learning about). The counselors and facilitators also provided a lot of education surrounding common mental health issues and tools to use beyond group therapy. I also genuinely appreciated their honesty and vulnerability sharing their own stories, which made it easier to connect and trust them with my own story.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me learn so much about myself and teaching me the skills and coping tools desperately needed.

Matt C

I am going to miss it here but it time to move on and use the tools that I learned here. The staff is incredibly and always made me feel safe and comfortable.


This program was one of the best programs and facilities I have been through. The staff is very personable and professional while being "down to earth". The facility is very comfortable and welcoming. I was able to do the work I needed to do in this space.

Matt W

I really loved the staff here, they made me feel comfortable here and helped me break out of my shell that I was used to being in.


I really enjoyed the groups; they are super helpful. My therapist is fantastic, she has made me feel very comfortable and safe. The whole program and staff have made this a safe place for me to feel comfortable and safe enough to open up and be honest. I look forward to coming here each day.

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